Consumptive vs. Productive Spending

"To be or not to be, that is the question..." This starts Hamlet's soliloquy and it always comes to mind every shopping or spending time.

'To be or not to be' or simply put, 'to do or not to do' , 'to buy or not to buy' - it only means we have choices. We have a choice whether we will buy that pretty dress in the shop's window; we have a choice on whether to eat in Jollibee or go to Conti's for that famous Mango Bravo. Where we put our money is our own doing and we can only blame ourselves once we are forced to deal with the circumstances.

Don't we all love to count the days until the next 15th or the next 30th? - it's payday! These days are our saving graces. "Ah, I'll buy this, it's near payday anyway," so I used my credit card. Damn, two days after payday, I'm back to eating a Jollibee or perhaps just preheating some canned food or cooking noodles at home since that credit card purchase needs to be paid.

Reality bites and it bit me real hard today. While it was fun taking photos in Australia and immediately sharing it in my Instagram or Facebook accounts, it wasn't fun at all seeing my phone bill for the month of April. Twenty-one-thousand-and-seventy-five pesos!!! What was I thinking?! I thought I had it all mapped out. I subscribed to Globe's Unlidata Surf which isn't really unlimited because you are given 7mb maximum cellular network data. I thought it's all covered, it didn't. Php21,075?! For a month's bill?!

This made me go back to picking choices. Friends already warned me about the sky rocketing phone bills due roaming charges but I chose to rely on my not-so-accurate computation. It sucks big time as I needed to pay it, leaving my not-so-okay budgeting plan to the rubbish bin (pun intended).

Next time I thought about Shakepeare's Hamlet, I'd choose 'not to be.'