Music Touches Souls

Music always has it's play on our emotions. It can make one reminisce good and/or bad memories. It can make us sad, cheerful and something it can make us feel like we're the stupidest person in the world.
I've been sitting in this coffee shop for almost an hour now just sipping my coffee and listening to my playlist. Every song played had different meaning. I felt a bit weird whenever a song made me smile; felt stupid when I remembered an old flame; sad almost shedding tears when I relate a song to one of the many misfortunes our country faced this year.
Some say music heals. I guess it has it's hold on our lives. It can either heal us or make us breakdown. It has a wicked sense of humor. Nonetheless, I am enjoying every minute of listening. Music is a part of my life and I totally succumb to any emotion it may bring.

Music is very powerful. Individual songs and certain artists inspire almost all of my writing, and in general it really does trigger memories so vividly.

Also, I'm so very glad to see this post. I was worried about you and sent you a little PM that I'm sure you haven't had time to answer. I just wanted to make sure you were okay, and you are, so I'm very grateful.

My deepest condolences for the devastation that happened in the Philippines. I made a donation to the International Red Cross and one to Doctors Without Borders, but the size of the disaster made me still feel helpless, so I can't even imagine what it's like to be there even in places that weren't directly damaged by the storm because it's still so immediate anyway. *many hugs*
I just read your message honey and replied so long. Lol. I am fine and thank you again for thinking about me. *hugs*