Welcome 2014; Happy is the New Year

It's 2014! Hurray, let's welcome the new year. Though, what does really the New Year give us? What it is for us? Are we suppose to drop everything and start living anew just because it's ?Guess not. Funny how we felt oblige to prepare good meal for the family, buy fireworks, be lured to whatever "tradition" we had grown up with and wait until the clock strikes midnight so we can eat the meal, light up the fireworks and celebrate. After we did all that, did something change? Come Monday, we're all back to work; the food in our fridge will be gone in a day or two; your credit card balance is still there, probably limit's maxed out because of all the things you bought for the 'media noche' - in other words, everything is back to normal. Maybe it's human nature to hope for the best and we cling to any possible tradition there is to attract good fortune. The New Year sounds exactly the kind of tradition we are looking for. New Year. New Beginning. We can only wish that the new year will bring us only the good news - the rest of the doing should still come from us. Happy 2014!