My Own Private Heaven

Remember that one place where you find peace back when you were a teenager/child? You'd stay there for hours recuperating. It's your heaven after that difficult conversation with Mom, Dad or even your "evil" siblings; your safe haven away from the bullies at school. Ah yes, now you remember. Good! Now that's me inside a coffee shop sipping that latte.

Oftentimes I get asked, "what's in a cup?" They can't seem to discern the addiction. The answer to that question is more of to balance the psychological mayhem between me and my inner critic. Say what?! Forcibly put - to make me sane. One has to find that place where he can find that emotional and mental solace and I found mine while sipping my coffee. Whenever the world becomes too loud, too overwhelmingly difficult, too ruthless, too obdurate: I have to flee and find that peace.

Peace? But I said and I quote "mayhem between me and my inner critic" which basically is just -- me. Yes, my inner critic is my over-zealous friend who filters all the ideas and emotions, though when faced with too much negativity and felt emotionally spent breaks down. That's when I need my coffee.

There was an article I read not too long ago that preaches: "If you feel paralyzed by freedom, introduce more structure and order into your day. If you feel constrained by routine, find room for improvisation." And I couldn't agree more. That idea has always been inside my brain every time I feel my over-zealous friend is about to breakdown either from procrastination, monotony or exhaustion. Find that balance - get me that latte.

Not all might understand the addiction but it's always safe to assume that most do reckon that 'safe haven.' Our minds might not be parallel on how a coffee shop brings solace to my kind of psychological mayhem but I'm sure you know a place where you can just shrug off everything and just recuperate.

Yes, just remember it and I'm sure you can finally understand.

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