We Came. We Made Our Havaianas.

It's an event every flip flop loving Filipinos anticipate every summer - Make Your Own Havaianas or better yet let's use its official hastag #MYOH2014.

I am not very fond of these events, heck I only got one pair of Havaianas slippers. Surprisingly, this chintzy lady bought one when she was with peers who are not afraid to spend. Talk about peer pressure.

Though, that one pair is tough. I never felt the need to buy another one since it was, yeah I know, still okay. It was worth the money as it is indeed comfortable (as what they've advertised) and durable. Some say the straps of a Havaianas don't last long; they are probably talking about the pair that they use every day. Ha! Yeah, everyday! Good thing I work and I don't wear slippers day in and day out.

So what is it in MYOH that makes Filipinos go ga-ga over a pair of slippers?

Design is one good reason why we look forward to this yearly event. There are a lot of Havaianas in stores right now but one would have to just choose which sole and strap tandem is pleasing to the eye. We accept whatever design they offer. That’s capital B-O-R-I-N-G!

When Khai told me that the theme this year is Brazil, I had to drop everything (including a few more hours of sleep) and give in to the invitation knowing that World Cup is looming in the corner; they might include football in their designs. Even told Khai that they should have a Spain-inspired design as they were the defending champion – oh, that’s just me and my addiction to the Spanish Football Team. At the back of my mind, I knew they’d probably have the Brazilian FC instead.

So yes, football is my slippers’ theme. I chose the commemorative sole and a golden/metallic strap. The sole costs 995 pesos (strap is free, AS IF!). The pins I picked were the football logo and Brazil jersey which cost 100 pesos each. No Spain jersey, boo! But there was a whole range of life-sized World Cup teams’ slippers on display.

oh you know why I positioned myself at the back of Spain Havs

Next reason? Making use of your creative juices. Don't worry if you think you don't have at least one creative bone in your body, that creativity would just surface. You know how you want your bikini to blend well with your entire beach get up? That's when you know what design you would like to have. This event will bring out the designer in you. I must admit it was tough choosing the perfect design so if you're still doubtful of the colors and design, just take your time and experiment more.

That ecstatic feeling upon seeing your own design come to life is another reason why people get in the MYOH bandwagon. Upon choosing my design on that customization wheel, my mind is wandering on how it’ll look like once done. This gets you in the mood as you watch how quick and easy the Havaianas get customized, it gives rush to your already excited blood.

the wheel of havs' fortune

my pair

customization time

It is amazing to get that excitement rushing on. I even wanted to try and get my hands working, too. Nah, I left it to the one that got the right training.

This is definitely a good summer activity to attend to. It was fun seeing the excitement that exudes from everyone. I'd love to get an invitation again for next year's event - World Cup themed or not.

me and my havaianas


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