Fatherless on Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

What is there to be happy about when you can't celebrate it together? The excitement of going home and bringing something special for your Dad is non-existent. When supposedly today is 'Dad's Day' but you spend your day in a coffee shop alone listening to a live band play 'Dance With my Father' as it starts to hit you emotionally.

What is there to be happy about? What is left to celebrate?

It sounded all too selfish, right? All too about myself and how I miss my Dad? You would probably think ill of me for wanting to fast forward this day. I'm sorry, I know all of these are true. But please don't hate me. I just wanted to feel the excitement and the anticipation of going home, bringing something for my father. You wouldn't understand because you still have yours to celebrate it with. Enjoy it. I hope your Dad will have the best Father's Day today. I really hope so. As for me, don't mind me sulking in the corner.

I just miss my Daddy.

I miss you, Popsie. I love you.

I wish I was there right now so I could give you the biggest hug. I know how much it sucks. :(