Pass the Judgement please...

Is it unfair to stifle a person’s right to freedom of speech given that he is a public figure? What is really their responsibility to the society knowing that they can influence (or offend) other people on some of their views? Is it too much to pass judgement on a famous person simply because he spoke his mind?

It was a normal Thursday night at work, I was about to go on a break and get me some milk tea when I bumped into a celebrity – Piolo Pascual. Piolo or some call him Papa P, Aiko Melendez and some staff went into the lift from Burgundy Corporate Tower’s (BCT) helipad. Apparently, they just finished filming and I was lucky (or so I thought, at that time) to have the elevator ride with him that some people are just dying for. He does look good with his spiky well-gelled hair and white polo. They were all in high spirits, even Aiko was too friendly asking me to join their “the boat is sinking” game. It must’ve been some sort of an inside joke to which I only answered with a bashful smile. With the camera phone in my hand, my mind was busy contemplating on how to ask for a photograph with Piolo.

Few seconds after, Aiko and Piolo were talking about their kids and their hobbies. Aiko mentioned that her child is always in front of the computer. Papa P retorted, “Mahilig magcomputer, masama yan ha. Bagsak nya dyan call center.” I didn’t hear or see what was Aiko’s reaction, all I knew is I got massively offended.

Some people are always quick to judge the call center populace solely relying on how little do they know about the industry. Oh yes, we answer phone calls and sometimes email or chat with customers. Our employers require us to be computer literate and master the English language. But those are just the few basic things we do and need in the BPO industry. What Piolo didn’t know is that we analyze data, too – just like the regular Wall Street Analyst; we study trends so we can stay competitive in the business and keep our Clients happy; we teach personality profiling and behaviour matching to provide the right service to the people we talk to day in and day out. Does Piolo have any idea what Root-Cause, SPI or maybe regression analysis are? Or maybe he can shed light on how can we do correlation between customer satisfaction and agent efficiency and/or knowledge? I bet he’ll whack his brains trying to figure out the right study to solve these quandaries.

It’s a sad thought that Piolo, a well-loved movie personality, was quick to pass judgement on a certain job or business based on his perception of it. Was it too much to ask for a screen idol to stop and think first before he opens his mouth? When he signed up to be a movie star, it should’ve been written in black and white that he also has a responsibility to the society and it includes speaking accordingly.

After hearing those offensive words, I hid my camera phone and recognized that I lost my respect for him as a person. It wouldn’t hurt his career much, I say, but he lost a fan in me.

It pays to have tact.

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Who's really uneducated?

So Jay and I went to Amici yesterday for some Gelato, perfect for the summer season. Anyway, as we were choosing the right flavor for our taste buds, an average looking almost tomboyish bespectacled lady handed a flyer/leaflet to two dining customers. I'm not sure what the flyer was for but to our surprise one of the two men demanded for the store's supervisor. He said that the bespectacled lady ruined his lunch by giving him that flyer. He mocked the lady saying she should not be allowed inside the store as she's just passing on solicitations. He commanded the Manager to let the lady out of the restaurant.
The lady said sorry, grabbed the flyer and then ordered for a cake. The man didn't stop there, he insisted that the lady should be escorted out as she already ruined his lunch time. He added that she's such an uneducated individual for giving that flyer inside the restaurant while people are trying to eat peacefully. The lady said she's also a customer and that she has the right to stay.
With this scene, we were left with one question, who really acted like an uneducated person?

'Til Next time, mate!

It wasn’t because it’s another country added to the list that I’ve visited; it wasn’t because it’s the first country that I’ve crossed timezones nor the only one (so far) that had asked for a visa; it wasn’t because it’s Australia. But leaving Sydney was bittersweet. I needed to stop, hold my tears and put on a smile.

I was still in my elementary years when my brother migrated to Australia – 20 something years ago. Since then he only visited Manila twice. Both visits were a blast but there weren’t any bittersweet moments when it was time to say bu-bye.

I realized it was hard to be the one saying goodbye. The idea of when will you be able to see each other again hits you like a flash of lightning in a still night. To add to that my paranoia sets in – what if something happened to me on my flight back and it was the last time I’ll see him? It’s different if I’m the one who’s left behind. I have that comfort zone that I’ve grown to live with. Someone leaving me could leave a hollow spot in my life but the fact is, my life goes on – right into my comfort zone. Nevertheless, saying goodbye means leaving that comfort zone and starting anew – without the guidance and support of your family.

It was a great vacation and I’m not complaining. I would have it extended given the chance. It was just hard to say goodbye. I’m missing my only brother again BIG time!

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Of travels or work

We went to my sis-in-law's sister's house last night. It was fun, we went there to bond and at least visit their home here in Sydney before I go back to Manila.
Sis-in-law's sister's hubby (am I confusing everyone?) question made me think... "How long did your visa allow you to stay in Australia?" I said 3 months, single entry but I have to be back after almost 3 weeks or else I won't have work back in the Philippines anymore if I stayed for 3 months. Here goes his thought and it did make me think - "there are better opportunities [work] here, if you stayed for 3 months, as your visa permits you, you can already find a good job. You won't need that job in Manila." Darn, he's probably right but I was thinking am I ready to leave my comfort zone?
I dunno, I guess not since I'm still thinking of my luggage to carry when I fly back home.

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Hello mates!

This journal is now 100% viewable to everyone. As you may have seen before, this used to be a "Friends Only" Journal. It's all changed now, but I still do add people who wanna add me to their flist. So if you want to add me, go ahead, please post here and I'll add you back as soon as I can. Some of my previous icons, art, fanfiction or pictures posts are not locked. So if those are the stuff you check out in here, no need to add me but I would appreciate comments from everyone.Thanks much!

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If I close my eyes and not find you...
will it be easier for me to forget?
Now, if I found out the truth and felt no pain...
am I just deceiving myself?

Who are you?
Are you just a ghost playing with my candle?
Or can you be the candle who will burn me?

If I start to forget you, will I be able to do that?
Maybe I'll keep my heart veiled...
Maybe, it's even not real...
Just maybe, we'll still be together if I close my eyes again.


Note: Just sharing again. :) I need to write again. :(



If I close my eyes and don't see you there;
does it mean love isn't existing?
Is my heart veiled?
M  a  s  k  e  d  ...

Masquerading to find its way out just to get lost into this maze?
Hiding in a confusion that even I can’t discern.

If I speak of it often and smile amiably;
Does it mean the attraction was a deceit?
Or is my mind irrevocably numb?

I  n  s  e  n  s  i  t  i  v  e…

Tricking my heart to believe that I love you?
Though in reality, it was all a game.

 Why did fate lie when my heart just started to believe?
With soft scented candles it had shed such a radiant path…
With golden threads my heart begun to weave the novella
Only to find out that the denouement could become a tragedy.

 If I close my eyes and eventually find you there…
Does it mean your love could be faithful?
Can my heart assume?

Unmask me…

Lead me out into the end of this labyrinth.
Make me trust my own ardor.


Note: Sharing it to everyone. It was poem I wrote few years ago. LOL. When I was still logically distracted. :)